March 15, 2007 8:10 PM

Greek Theatre

My buddy Melissa visited from Ventura County this summer to see a Flaming Lips show at the Greek Theatre. Before that, I didn't know that it existed. Turns out they host all sorts of great shows. Here's what it looks like:

The Greek Theatre is 104 years old. It opened September 24, 1903 and has been hosting great performances ever since. Here's a link to a little article that gives a glimpse of its history:

A great, new thing about the Greek Theatre- It's Green! My friend raved about the organic food there, but I had no idea that they went to these efforts to offset the emissions from driving to the event!

Here's an article from Breakthroughs that talks about the Greek Theatre's efforts to go green!

the greek goes green

Fans of Radiohead, Emmylou Harris, the Flaming Lips and other bands that rocked UC Berkeley’s Greek Theater last summer had more than great music to celebrate: the Greek became the first major concert venue to make a season-long commitment to minimize its footprint on the planet.

The eco-efforts at the Greek—including an organic food cafe, recycling stations, the use of recycled paper for all printed materials, and the use of biodegradable utensils, plates, and cups for artists’ meals—came about through a partnership between Clif Bar, an environmentally conscious energy bar company based in Berkeley, and concert promoter Another Planet Entertainment.

In addition, Clif Bar purchased renewable energy credits from NativeEnergy, a Native American sustainable energy company, to offset the 88 tons of carbon emitted to power the Greek’s 2006 season.

Even audiences had a chance to get in on the act: by purchasing “Cool Tags” at the venue, music fans could offset the emissions they generated driving to and from the events. Every $2 tag offset 300 miles of car travel—making the concerts that much more harmonious.

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