March 1, 2007 3:02 PM

I Want to Wrestle a Wild Elephant Seal

Just to remind you ... there are other wonderful bloggers on this blog. If you come here and disappointingly find that I have yet to post, don't panic! You can read some other interesting posts too. For example, I loved the elephant seals one by Nikki Fernandez. It made me think of wild things to do with wild animals.

Totally unrelated note but I saw Marshawn Lynch at a party once and I felt the urge to tackle him. Run right across the entire lawn and take him down so I can say I tackled Lynch. Yeah didn't do it. Luckily enough for him. Muhaha.

I did fairly well on my midterms. I have said enough.

I feel that teachers must get really nervous up in front of everyone. Or at the very least they get hot. Conclusion: Deoderant.

My last entry I got a comment. I don't know how to activate comment usage but if I could get comments, I would do it. I used to want comments all the time when I wrote in my Xanga. Comments are nice. Unless they're bad comments. Then you destroy them.

My random thoughts are over. Back to work. Maybe next time I'll be able to assemble enough thoughts to give you a coherent story. Cross your fingers!

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Comments (1)

Comments are fun. So are your entries!

Posted by Tina | 2007-03-01

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