March 6, 2007 5:52 PM

Living next year!

It seems that everytime I ask anyone about their day they reply with a "Horrible. I was walking up and down looking at apartments". I guess march is the month you are suppose to look for apartments for the Summer/Fall. Roomates doesn't seem to be the issue. Everyone is gathering roomates from dorms, classes, and organizations they are involved in. The issue from what I hear is securing a place to live in the Fall but not the summer for a lot of people. Because apartments fill up and it's hard to find one just for the fall so some people are having to also rent the apartment during the summer even if they don't plan on living here. A little odd right? Well they rent it under their name and then they rent to someone else who only wants housing in the Summer. Well who could only want housing in the summer you may ask? People like sorority girls who may not have their house open during the summer so they are forced to live some where else until the fall.

Well I am just glad I don't have to deal with finding an apartment. I will be living at my sorority house in the fall, and I am going home in the summer. Well I am actually not sure because I am still debating the idea of summer school.

Good luck if you are trying to find an apartment!

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