March 29, 2007 1:39 PM

Local Pizza

Last night, Tom, Evan, and I walked down to a very popular little place in town - Cheeseboard Pizza.  Live improvisational jazz music, and folks that care about the food that they make.  It's customary for folks to order their pizza, then picnic on the grass in the median.  It's on a main road, in downtown, so you can imagine it's pretty entertaining to watch the traffic as you're munching on your pizza.  I hadn't ever been to the Cheeseboard, but I've heard so much about it.  It's good pizza, and a slice is only $2.25, but I still like Pie in the Sky better.  Why?  Pie in the Sky offers bigger slices.   Cheeseboard is a cooperative, which means their workers aren't exploited, but they're not having anywhere near as much fun as the workers are down the street at Pie in the Sky.  At Pie in the Sky, they'll toss pizza in front of you, and let you watch the whole creation from start to finish, including fun conversation and even sometimes singing - unless you want it quick, in which case they have their half-baked pizzas sitting out for you to pick, then they'll throw it in their huge, impressive oven.  It'll come out within a minute or two.  Pie in the Sky also has MUCH more selection than Cheeseboard.  Since Cheeseboard only makes one type of crazy pizza every day, it's not too difficult to offer more variety - but the variety that Pie in the Sky offers is exotic, fun, and undeniably delicious. 

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