March 20, 2007 6:18 PM

Midterm Time (still)

UC Berkeley has a wonderful reputation for academic excellence, which attracts students from around the world. What these students don't realize is what academic excellence translates to for the average student: lots and lots of exams.

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm whining. My midterm schedule is certainly not as hectic as other people's. I'm not taking Chem 3B or Bio 1A or any of these other more difficult classes. Nonetheless, I still chafe under the burden of midterm examinations. That, and the weight of my backpack with all those textbooks.

Still, that's what I'm here at college for, I suppose. After all, the professors are not like the Greek gods, smiting us students with exams, their hearts full of malice, caprice, and ambrosia (although some students would say otherwise.) I'm sure the professors hate grading exams as much as we do taking them. That's why they get the GSIs to do it.

In all seriousness, midterms are a way to develop discipline and academic rigor. These tests, papers, and whatnot give me an opportunity to really work hard and develop my work ethic, drive, and sense of delayed gratification. After the test is over, I can revel in the relief that finally, finally, I finished.

Until then, I better get back to work. Enjoy your spring break!

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