March 22, 2007 7:40 PM


Today my Plant Morphology lab course took a little trip up to the Botanical Garden.  We were given a scavenger hunt of sorts, where we were to find examples of specific mophological traits.  Who wouldn't love roaming around a beautiful garden with a bunch of your friends, learning something new at the end of a stressful week?

Jose Arevalo, Reihaneh Fakourfar, April Dobbs, Danielle Johnson

Today was also our midterm for Morphology.  In preparing for the exam, I realized something this week.  CNR offers something that is difficult to find around campus - a community.  Our class size for Morphology is small.  20 people.  I know all of them.  We all know one another.  We meet up for study groups, we ask one another questions.  When one of us can attend office hours, we pass along the information that we gleen to those in the study groups.  It's different in the College of Natural Resources than the other courses I've attended on campus.  It's a cooperative feel.  The competition that comes along with hundreds of high-pressure students is on the other side of the campus.  We're over here, studying microbes, forestry, genetics, and so on... studying what we love, enjoying what we learn, and making friends that walk with us through our journey.  We were in classes together last semester, we're together again this semester.  We know how to study together, and we're not afraid to help one another understand the difficult concepts.  The more we're able to teach one another, the more we're able to enjoy the subject that we're learning.  I love this program.

Here are some more photos of us having fun with morphology today.


Me with a member of the Cycadales.

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