March 5, 2007 5:05 PM

My Journey Into CNR (aka why you should be here)

The main reason I am in CNR is because I enjoy what I am studying. I know that the environment is a crucial part of the human experience, on the individual, social, and global level. There is no more denying the fact that we humans are part of the environment, as much as we may try to deny that fact with our urban centers and sidewalk cafes. I am interested in nature and how humans, both individually and as a society, interact with it. CNR gives me a chance to really explore my interests. I also enjoy the field trips and time outside that we get to spend.

Another reason I am in CNR (or will be, as soon as I get on the paperwork that will take me away from L&S) is because of the community that it provides. CNR is such a small and intimate college that it really makes the intimidating massiveness that is Berkeley less scary. I think it's pretty cool to be able to walk around Mulford Hall and be able to chat with professors on a first name basis. Furthermore, with such a small group, it is easier to get to know my fellow students. The CNR students I know I consider my friends (or at least pleasant acquaintances), as opposed to competitors (MCB) or potential research subjects (Psych).

Most people reading this are probably already interested in CNR (if not, why are you here?) I will say that CNR has limitations inherent in its smallness. Financial resources aren't always available, and sometimes classes get cancelled suddenly when there is no one available to teach them. There is certainly less structure here than in other colleges, which may displease or disorient some people. But the smallness also makes it that much more intimate and friendly, which I find to be a valuable asset on a campus as large as UC Berkeley.

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