March 12, 2007 10:35 PM

Oral Exam for Math 1B

I am going to have an oral exam for my Math 1B class in a week. Why do we ever need to present something orally for a mathematic class? Well, the answer is that the professor wants us to really understand the reasonings behind all the theorems we are using.

Here is the detail, for those of you who are curious. When it is your examination, you roll a 10-faced dice to decide which prompt you will get since there are ten of them. Then you will have 7 minutes to present your argument, and the two GSIs will ask you question during the next 5 minutes. The last 3 minutes will be the time for the GSIs to deliberate on what grade you will receive.

I don't know whether I should hate the oral or like it. We will see, I guess...

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