March 4, 2007 9:54 PM

So Many People...

I was just ruminating today on the different people I run into around campus. I constantly see people that I know walking on the way to class. Even outside of class, I see people I recognize in the library, at stores, or in restaurants. I suppose this is all the result of my willingness to go out and talk to people and be actively involved. The huge campus of Berkeley seems less daunting when you know other people in it. So for those of you reading this in lecture (and shame on you for paying more attention to the internet than to the professor!), take the effort to get to know the person next to you. Who knows, you might just make a new friend.

Addendum (to tie this into CNR): I find that this is especially true in CNR. I walk into Mulford Hall (which is one of the halls for the college), and I run into people randomly. They may be people in my (soon-to-be) major, people in my classes, or people I just meet randomly in the area. I'm starting to feel more at home in CNR, just as I'm meeting new people and finding my place in our little college.

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