March 8, 2007 6:37 PM

The Big C

Up on the UC owned hills, there's this huge C. It's normally colored yellow, but at times it will change to red(Stanford ppl secretly paint it at night. Then the Cal band paints it back to yellow.) It's a 20 min climb from the very bottom. When you reach the Big C (and it's tradition to climb it at least once), you'll see this memorial plaque embedded it. It's written in memory of the rush of 1905 between the soph and frosh classes. I climbed the hill to the Big C this year again to watch the sunrise with some friends. If you climb it, stay for the sunset. Also, around 5pm everyday, a gentleman will arrive and he'll ask you if you know the story of the Big C. If you don't, he'll tell you the story. If you happen to miss him, then read the story here: Big C Story

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Comments (1)

Wow, a guy really comes around to tell the story? That's pretty nifty. I should climb up there sometime.

Posted by Tina | 2007-03-08

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