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Parking spaces in Berkeley are like raw diamonds--rare, ugly, and worth something. As students, especially Berkeley students, it is our duty to take public transportation. Thankfully, we have this magic .75 in x .75 in sticker on our ID cards that says, "BUS PASS." This magical sticker costs only ~$65, and the fee is included in our student fees. Wonderfully useful, the sticker will take you anywhere you want (as long as the places you want to go are covered by AC Transit buses. Since it is considered a sunk cost, it will cost you $0 to get across the bay to S.F. City. Or, you can hop on the bus and ride around campus in a clockwise motion on the Perimeter, counterclockwise on the Reverse, through Campus on the Center, or up from campus to the top of the Berkeley hill to the Space Station on the Hill. So if you're tired from lugging your backpack that is easily 2/3 your weight, just mosely along over to a bus stop and ride up the hill. Or, if you are too far from a bus stop, you can stop anywhere along the route and flag down one of the school's buses. The bus drivers are normally really nice and will pick you up.

Berkeley bus drivers are some of the nicest bus drivers you can find. Having slipped on a slope and sprained my ankle, a bus driver waited for me even though I was quite far from the bus. During my first semester at Berkeley, I didn't realize that not all buses stop at all bus stops. I had been flagging down the Perimeter at the 52L bus stop. hahaha.. yeah.

I <3 Berkeley Bus Drivers.

Your's Truly,

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