March 20, 2007 6:34 PM


I try to update frequently, at least more frequently than I did last semester.

I love walking through the CNR campus. One of my classes last semester, PMB 39A, was in the Warren building and every MWF, I had to run from Etcheverry down through the CNR campus to take my one hour seminar. Quite a dash and the first time I was late by ten minutes but afterwards, I had the day to myself. I just remember walking through a pretty campus that reminds me alot of home. It's just so unlike the other Berkeley buildings.

The buildings are clean and nice to look at, especially the GPB and its wonderful cafe. It's not like Sproul and such with the thousands of people passing through like every hour or so. It's calm and serene. The right kind of place to sit and just figure a plan for your life.

I remember a time when things weren't going well for me and after class instead of marching off back to the dorm and sitting in the dark typing at the computer, I decided to feed the squirrels and take in the nature. While sitting on the curb and watching the squirrels eat the peanuts I give them, I got my mind off academics for a while. And well ... I don't know ... I felt so much better afterwards. Things turned out okay. Yesterday is different today ... but I want to have that feeling ... calm ... again. I wonder where I had left it that time I sat on a grassy hill behind Warren watching the wind stroke the treetops.

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