April 22, 2007 5:43 PM

Blessing or Curse!

So I only have one REAL final this semester and that's Organic Chemistry...EEEEK. Good thing? Well at first I thought it was. However, I still have an Arabic final to worry about...the only difference is that it is given over a two day period in class so before finals week which allows me more time to study o-chem.
Then I have a scrapbook...yeah a scrapbook about Strawberry creek due along with an expository essay and a poetry essay for English. I also have a book report (which obviously requires reading and then analysing the book). So....I only have one real final..but I have projects and essays that are not only time consuming but equivelant to finals. So is this a blessing or a curse?

I'll let you know May 17th =)

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