April 21, 2007 9:34 PM

Cal Day

I liked Cal Day. Originally my plan was to flee to Walnut Creek and spend the morning just reading somewhere far far away. At around nine in the morning (Horrendously early if you know me) I got a phone call from two people from my high school, Amy and Audrey. They asked me if I could help them go around the school and show them around. I was like ugh, the morning art doth be too earlyth but I acceded and went down to meet them.

Had the best day ever trying to convince them to go to Berkeley. Essentially they were deciding between here, USC, or in Amy's case, Duke. I was like heck yeah go to Berkeley. I guided them to my very sly and smooth friend, Jenny, and she put on her spiel and that was great.

I took them from Doe Library to Unit 3 to Unit 1 to ... well around the freaking school. My legs feel like grass jelly.

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