April 6, 2007 5:00 PM

Campus Bathrooms

Berkeley has many many many bathrooms. Below, you'll see dots at the locations that I frequent. The ones with a lil 2 on them mean that they're on the second floor. Orange means 1st floor. Blue means basement floor. And the pink without a number is on floor E, female bathroom.
If you continue on, there is an expanded image.,

Berkeley bathrooms are unique.

The worst: 1. Cesar Chavez center 2nd floor bathroom. 2. Dwinelle women's 2nd floor. 3. VLSB main floor.
All are nasty and commonly have broken doors. They're used by the most numbers of people, probably why its so yuck!

The best: 1. The library bathrooms-especially Morrison. Clean, well lit, and always stocked with supplies, its makes it a pleasure to go. 2. Bechtel female bathrooms. Since there are relatively few engineering females, there is never a wait. Though it isn't always stocked well, it is very clean. However, it did not have a hanger. Yet, it felt clean enough so I felt comfortable putting my backpack on the ground. This is the only bathroom that I've ever set my bkpk on the ground for.

As bathrooms go, the higher floor you go, the cleaner you get. Example. Valley Life Sciences is a great example. The main floor has four or so stalls that are used by 1/3 of the Berkeley population everyday. It's the largest building (top 10 in the USA used for education) on campus. If you climb the stairs one level, you get a 10 stall bathroom that is really nice and clean. And then if you go up another level, there's a 8 or so stall bathroom that is ultra clean. Not as nice as best bathrooms 1 & 2, but getting there. By the time you hit the 5th floor, you're amazed by how nice it is.


So keep in mind these places. Avoid the worst. Go to the best. You're at the best school already, so you might as well go to the best bathroom also.

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