April 12, 2007 8:16 PM


You know what's worse than social isolation for an entire week just so you can bary yourself in organic chemistry in preperation for Tuesday's midterm?.....Going to the o-chem post midterm lecture Thursday and finding out that the 60 yearold French professor is "PISSED" (and no it doesn't sound less horrific with his cute little accent) at the 900 people class for having the average score at 40%. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have 900 of the nation's smartest people with a 40% class average on an organic chemistry course....Ahhhhhhh....could you say pressure? Yeah, I definatly will NOT be looking forward to getting that test back Monday during lab. Bohooo...I'm going to go watch Grey's Anatomy..that always makes me feel better.

Hope midterms are going good for you!

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Comments (1)

oh my goodness. good luck!

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