April 29, 2007 10:11 PM

Fun Forest Field Trips

So this past weekend I went on a field trip (one of the cool things of forestry classes are the field trips). I went with my ESPM 134 class: Fire, Insects, and Disease. We started off at 8am, and drove 4 hours, stopping on the way. Our destination was Blodgett Forest, a research forest owned by the UC in the Sierra Nevada. Our purpose was to see firsthand interactions of fire, insects, and diseases in the forest.

We were really able to see these agents at work in the forest, so the trip was pretty educational. What I really enjoyed was being able to talk with my fellow students and professors in a more intimate setting. In the classroom, we don't get much opportunities to chat; on the trip we were able to just sit around and hang out. Plus we got to stay over in cabins, which was pretty fun.

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