April 25, 2007 12:40 PM

Good News! Research Abroad!

Today I got this e-mail:

Dear Moorea Applicant:
If you received this message, you are one of the 22 students selected
for the Fall 2007 course. Congratulations, this was a very
competitive process. We will hold an organizational meeting within
the next two weeks and I will let you know the day and time.

So... I applied to this program. We go here for a semester.

It's study abroad on steroids. More pretty photos:

You go to an island in French Polynesia. You learn stuff. You plan a research project. You carry it out. You have a full labs to your disposal. You get to know the 21 other students that are there with you. You practice French. You make a poster and present a paper back at Berkeley campus when you return. It's awesome. And somehow they decided to let me go!

Photos are taken from these websites:

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Comments (2)

Congrats Christina! You have to let me know all about it because I'm really thinking about applying to it Fall 08! :D

Posted by Irene | 2007-04-25

Hello~ Christina!! My name is Hyun-joo and I'm undergraduated student in POSTECH. I'm an Korean and I become to study genetics and plant biology in UC berkeley during Fall 07. Now my major in POSTECH is molecular biology but I'm more interested in Plant biology. So I really~~~ expect to study at your school. I like botany and plant ecology but I do not much about your department. So I wonder that you could recommend some interesting and good classes for me. I think that you really enjoy your school life and study.:-) I can know that from your writings. Have a nice day~ and see you again~~^_^ Bye~!! *Please understand my poor English ability. I'm not familliar with English yet.

Posted by Eom, Hyun-joo | 2007-04-26

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