April 12, 2007 11:40 AM

Midnight in the Garden of Sleep and Study

Great entry, Kristin. I loved reading every word of it.

Maybe I am somewhat different from regular people. But of course you all know that but when it comes to social stuff, I am not that great. I did all the club tire kickings and took a look but that kind of stuff just isn't for me. Alot of people gathered into some spot tends to get me uneasy. My ancestors must have been mice.

I spend a majority of my time studying and working on my URAP project. It's pretty exciting stuff, URAP. I will not hesitate to say that it is one of the most fulfilling experiences anybody can have.

I tell you enough about my study habits. Let's talk about what I do with URAP. There is a class in the graduate sector that is called, New Product Development and essentially it gathers together a bunch of grad students from many different disciplines and tells them to make a brand new product and deliever a prototype. They actually have to go and build the thing!

Now what I and my Ph.D student do is go through this data and find out how these teams eventually decide on what they do. What kinds of tools they might use and what sorts of thoughts they may use. Results are very encouraging and we've come up with plenty of great models. A paper will probably be written down the line and there was even talk of a book (yeah right) but yeah this URAP thing has been great for me (even though it's only 2 units and wayy too low of an estimate.)

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