April 25, 2007 2:45 PM

Mol Tox Progress & Telebears Priority

Telebears Season.
Well, it has been for the past month or so.
DSP students get super crazy priority- they get theirs on the first day.
Then grad students, upper divs, lower divs.
You priority is determined based on which category you are in (1st year, 2nd year, etc) which is determined by the number of units you have. For example, once you hit 30 units, you're a 2nd year, and once you hit 60, you're a 3rd year. However, there is no difference between having 30 units and have 59 units. Within each category, the actual day and time you get is assigned randomly. Telebears are assigned every 20 min. 9 am, 9:20, 9:40, etc. and you get one hour to complete your telebears.

Good to have great priority.

So I'm studying abroad next year. But this semester was my first time getting a good telebears assignment. Last semester, I drew a bad stick and I ended up waitlisted for every class I signed up for even though it was Phase I. However, I'm studying abroad next year, so I'm not even doing telebears. sigh. ^^ Ah, I'll live.

I spoke with Tammy Soulsby, the department advisor for Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology a couple days ago, and I met with Len Bjeldanes today to talk about my progress. After four semesters at Berkeley, I've completed all my lower divisions and a good chunk of my upper divs. I'm on track to graduate in one year...that is if I wasn't studying abroad. You see, I won't be taking any classes for my major when I'm abroad. That's what's great about Mol Tox, you can get your major done in three years without a problem...unless you have a problem in getting into your classes. It's a public school. Lower divs are shared by many majors and are often impacted. Initially, I had thought that I would need an extra semester to graduate.

Now, I'm just hoping that when I return, I'll get a spin and be able to get into the classes I need.
At just 13 units for fall 08 and 13 units for spring 09, I'm ready and set to go.

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