April 17, 2007 7:22 PM

My Suitemate is an Evil Curve Destroying Robot

My suitemate Adam takes Physics 7A because he is an EECS major. Who knows why he wants to do stuff with computers so much but lately he's spent the last week or so studying for three midterms, one from Math 53, another from Comp Sci and a third for Physics.

Today he got back the scores for the midterms.

Adam, who I see more often than not playing video games and sleeping and playing poker, got a 100/100 on his Math 53 midterm. Then he got a 96 in the Physics Midterm when the average was 60. That's just inhuman. Therefore, my conclusion. ADAM IS A ROBOT.

After I took my Stats 21 midterm on Friday (97/100), I was standing outside and watching the kids go into lecture, which was the comp sci class that Adam took. I remember two of the kids talking about how the average in the midterm was 30 but some geniuses got 90 and totally screwed the curve over. I asked Adam what he got.

"90." He says.

Ergo. Adam. Curve destroying poker playing 10AM waking noodle eating robot.

Evil Robot

On a totally serious note, though, the shootings at Virginia Tech. I don't often like to say things in reference to events that I had no part in and I cannot influence but I just want to ask people to pray for the victims in the disaster. Pray or say some words or even if you're not religious, just keep them in mind. That's all.

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Comments (1)

What a crazy roomate - but you're just as bright, silly. I've been in shock about Virginia Tech. Just can't get over it.

Posted by | 2007-04-18

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