April 26, 2007 9:11 PM

Specialty Events - President Carter

Berkeley hosts awesome speakers that Cal students can attend for free! Actually, in this case, only Cal people can attend.
Former President Carter will be coming next week News Article Link Here to talk on his new book.

Awesome eh?

So tickets are limited... they started giving them out at 10 AM today. I got in line at around 12:45. So at 1:30, my friend who is ~30 people ahead of me in line comes and tells me (after he has his ticket), that there were only 10 tickets left at his counter. I start panicking...
So as the people count down, the woman at the front is checking how many they have left. I'm now at the front of the line.

"What's the ticket count left?"
"I have three left."
"I have one left."
"Alright, so that's four more people."

I'm second in line at that point.
~whooosh. I barely squeezed in and got a ticket.

Thank God.

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