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Hmm? It's Spring already...? We...had a Spring Break? Whoa, looks like my seasonal quiescence got the best of me. Funny how time off flies by, and the next thing ya' know there's only a little over a month of classes left. I find it disturbing realizing that it's already time to rifle through the list of class offerings and try to find something that works for the Fall.

This semester I've offered my note-taking services through Cal's DSP - I'd recommend that if you take notes (I've yet to come across someone at Cal who doesn't...) you throw your name in the hat for semesters to come, as it certainly doesn't hurt to offer the help, and if chosen you do get paid for doing so. I like to think that it also helps with your own note taking, as you become aware that someone else will actually have to understand them!

Earth Week is coming up, and that means more fun events on campus. Check out the calendar of Cal Earth Week events here. I'm probably foolishly optimistic about how much I'll be involved, as it seems I've got multiple term projects due before the end of this month (as well as midterms that never seem to end), but as a Cal student if you over-plan for extracurricular activities it means you'll at least get to participate in a couple.

Thinking Spring, and Berkeley, here's a sample of Don Ross playing Berkeley Springs, which I find befitting the overall feel of the moment and the season so far, even if the song isn't actually about this Berkeley, or Spring.

The above is not my work nor originally posted by me - noted on YouTube as posted with permission of Don Ross.

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