May 30, 2007 11:04 AM

Apartment Hunting in Berkeley

This makes one full year that I’ve been living on my own here in Berkeley and recent circumstances have made me inclined to share my knowledge on the topic of finding apartments here in Berkeley. Timing is everything; the end of the spring semester marks the best time for finding apartments in Berkeley. My roommate Jason and I found our place with about two weeks of craigslist assisted searching in mid-June last year. So if you’re going to be a student in Berkeley late April to early July is when you really ought to be signing leases, unless of course you’d rather be subletting part of a cardboard box on Telegraph from a degenerate hobo/street preacher.

Here are some quick guidelines for a happy apartment in Berkeley:

1. Look early.

2. Avoid Everest Properties – very shady stuff going on behind the scenes here. (Check Yelp) These are the folks you talk to if you’re into the cardboard box duplexes and abhorrent treatment.

3. Don’t get attached to any one place. The competition is fierce and things go off the market quickly.

4. Roommates can help make rent more manageable but be very careful who you sign a lease with; the rent control laws are so beefy that many renters are frightened to get involved with any tenant disputes.



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