May 29, 2007 7:20 PM

Favorite Classes

I remember my first day on the UC Berkeley campus, it was coincidentally CalSo and the first time I had ever seen the campus. I loved m orientation because I felt like the counselors really cared (which of course they do) and I felt like I belonged at Berkeley.

One of the hardest things was I found was choosing between all the classes. There are so many! So here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order) and if you're lucky even an explanation why:

Public Policy 190: Environment and Technology from the Policy and Business Perspectives w/Margaret Taylor
This course covers a LOT of material but it may be one of the classes that I got the most out of. The enthusiasm that Margaret always brings to class coupled with her extensive knowledge on a broad number of topics/subjects guarantees an interesting class EVERY time. The class combines both undergraduates and graduate students so everyone is constantly challenged and enhanced by the knowledge, experience, ideas, and opinions that others bring to discussion. The presentation that I made with my partner (who just so happens to also be a fresh faces blogger!) was one of the best presentations that I think I have delivered. I LOVE this class!

Education 190: Current Issues in Education
This class was a roller coaster ride. It was very emotional, very thought provoking, very challenging. It put me in an environment with different people and forced me to step out not only of my "comfort zone" but also question what my beliefs about education and class. The class dynamic really shaped your experience in the class. I came home frustrated and ready to scream so many times but in the end I really think that it was a fulfilling experience (as corny as that sounds).

ESPM 167: Environmental Health and Development w/ Professor Elena Conis
I really enjoyed the subject matter of the class and Professor Conis' teaching style. We covered everything from homemade water filters and prevention through education to Typhoid Mary and the bubonic plague and even the effects of suburbia.

ESPM 114: Wildlife Ecology w/Professor Justin Brashares
"Wildlife" in itself is an extremely broad term but this class puts you right smack dab in the middle. The only thing missing is experiencing the class out in the field the entire semester. Trust me, between Professor Brashares and David Attenborough, this class will give you a deeper appreciation for "wildlife."

ESPM 178A Introduction to Environmental Education/ESPM 178B Environmental Education Practicum with Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer is amazing. He truly cares about his students and he has incredible presence in a room. This class was way more than just that, it was an experience that put me smack dab in a classroom in the middle of Oakland teaching science, classes on how to pass the CAHSEE - California High School Exit Exam, and had me leading field trips to Berkeley and also had me working in the field at Sausal Creek. I actually discovered that the students, the teacher, Katie Noonan, the organization Earth Team, and the project (I worked in and helped set up!!!) were honored on the news. Here's the story:
These classes seriously.... words just can't explain!

There are more classes but I will stop here for now. Wow. I really have learned a lot since coming to Berkeley, both in and out of the classroom.

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