May 15, 2007 11:37 PM


So my last final exam of this academic year is tomorrow night. In approximately 20 hours, I will be finished with my sophomore year in college. As I wrote that sentence just now, a chill went down my spine. One test is all the remains between me and the end. This final in itself is not a big deal; it's for my Fire, Insects, and Disease course, which is not too difficult. Rather, it's the idea that when I turn in that test, I will no longer be a sophomore, that is a bit daunting.

Perhaps that is why I am neglecting my studying. Instead of poring over my notes like I should, I am spending time on Facebook, Youtube, and this blog. Certainly, I am confident in my ability to do well on this exam. Nonetheless, some studying can't hurt.

In any case, good luck to everyone still studying for exams (especially all you physics people). Don't worry, for after this week, everything will be a lot clearer.

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Comments (1)

Hey Joel, Great to see you have a blog. It was sweet seeing a familiar face on the website, when I came across your picture. Happy Birthday, too. I hope it was a good one.

Posted by Eli | 2007-05-17

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