May 31, 2007 11:10 PM

fulfilling a service...

I am proud to say that as of today, I accomplished my first feat of summer! Score!

So a couple of months ago my parent called me to tell me that I had to show up to jury duty or go to jail, because apparently I had "ignored" my other notices. When I contacted the guy I tried to explain that I was a student in Berkeley and could not give up a week to fly to Los Angeles and how I was living in a different city at the time, and of course - because I'm sure he's heard many of the same "excuses" to get out of jury duty, he told me that I had to honor my obligation and serve. This guy definitely was not messing around. So he rescheduled me for this week and I had to come home right after finals so that I could fulfill my summons.

So I am officially done with jury duty.
...Granted, all I did was call the the juror hotline the every weekday night (this week) to find out that "you do not have to report for jury duty..."

I guess I just lucked out this time. I'll just have to store those "excuses" for the next time i have jury duty.
haha just kidding.

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