May 9, 2007 2:35 AM

Happy Birthday

So it was my birthday today. Well, I am writing this at 2:30 AM on May 9th, so technically my birthday was yesterday, but that's splitting hairs, really. Happy birthday.

My day was not really a birthday to end all days. I woke up late to class (missed my final judo class of the semester), took a final for Korean, and sat through an hour and a half of presentations. I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before, since I was working on a paper that was due. As you can probably guess, I was pretty tired the whole day.

After my final class of the semester, I went to get some gelato (which is free on your birthday), and went to my friend's apartment to take a nap. At 5 I went to the Bean Feed, which is a Forestry Club social event with good food and good people. At 6 I went to a Bio 1B review session, after which a couple of my friends took me out to dinner. After dinner, I trekked up to Bowles (the all-guys dorm across campus) to work on a video for a banquet tomorrow night. We finished just now. The video is not done; two guys are still working on it.

This birthday was not the most spectacular or exciting. I remember last year, when a bunch of my floormates surprised me with cake and ice cream, and a group of guys from my church surprised me with cake. This day was filled more with little things, little gifts; people saying happy birthday as they passed, friends giving me little gifts. It's definitely been a good day.

Oh! So, as I was walking home, three of my friends called me up and gave me a cake. As they were driving me home, we got pulled over by the police. Evidently my friend's brake light was broken. While we were waiting, one of the cops asked what the cake was about. When we told him that it was my birthday, he said "Happy birthday!" Yeah.

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Comments (1)

Happy Birthday! That's wonderful that your friends remembered. Little gifts are the best. I think I would have laughed like crazy if friends gave me a cake while I was WALKING home.

Posted by | 2007-05-10

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