May 8, 2007 9:57 PM

SHIP - Student Health Insurance Plan

At Cal, students are automatically enrolled into SHIP. It's about ~$600 a semester for undergraduates. In order waive out of SHIP, you need to submit the waiver online before mid-August.

The decision of whether to waive or not waive comes down to how you like to gamble.
You're young, relatively healthly, and have other insurance, then you may want to waive it.
If you're active, you may not want to waive.

Personally, I waived out of SHIP. I'm covered under my father's health insurance (not a very good plan...that makes me pay out of pocket for nearly everything) which covers less than what SHIP covers. Yet, I think that I won't use ~$1200/year in benefits. This year, I realized what a pain it is to not have ship. I was diagnosed with microscopic hematuria during my physical for my study abroad program. I had to do tests...after tests...for three months. It added up. Yet, when I finally got cleared to go (it seems like I'm one of those ppl that just have microscopic hematuria) I'd racked up ~$600 in medical bills at the Tang Center. So I'm still in the clear. But not by much if ship was on a semester basis.

However, if I had gotten seriously sick and needed treatment, you can bet that I would have wished that I was covered by SHIP.

The good thing is, you can always opt back into SHIP any time of year. Since the only requirement is that you need to be a student, if you get seriously sick, just waive back in and use the benefits.

About 1/2 of the people I know who are covered by parental insurance are also covered by SHIP. SHIP covers alot and is very convenient to use with the Tang center.

Don't forget, even without SHIP, you can still use the Tang Center.

So its up to you. How well do you think you gamble?

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Comments (1)

Yep, definitely getting SHIP for Fall semester. Going abroad with iffy insurance is a frightening thought!

Posted by Tina | 2007-05-10

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