May 11, 2007 2:13 PM

Study Abroad Progress

Today, I recieved in the mail several documents:
-Letter of Acceptance to International Christian University Summer Courses in Japan. App No UC009.
-Good Conduct Surety: I promise to do my best, not disturb the social order in Japan, and stand personally responsible for payment should I go in debt. Hum...that doesn't seem to hard. The guarantor is the International Educational Exchange Office of International Christian University at 10-2, Osawa 3-chome, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181. I'm officially an exchange/Invitee student.
-Housing Status Form: I'll also be staying in the Global House, which is the only co-ed, undergraduate dorm at ICU. It's more of a suite format than the rest. Interestingly enough, residents are not allowed on floors designated for the opposite sex. So does that mean that you would be unable to visit a different gendered friend? Probably. Well, I've agreed to not disturb the social order in Japan, so I guess sneaking into the other floor would be a "no-no."

-And a Practical Information for Participants pamplet. For a moment, the accomodation fee section scared me becaus it says that you need to pay the Global House fee of 84,000 yen by May 15. Today is Fri May 11. The method of payment is through wiring it over to the school. Gratefully, the EAP program bills you for it so you pay to UC Regents instead of to overseas ICU people. That makes it alot easier on us and cuts down on transfer costs. Overseas Citibank wires are $30 and BoA wires are $35. Ouch.
-Notification of Admission for the Year: I'm set as a one year regular student in the Division of International Studies, College of Liberal Arts. [whooh~ I"ll be a fuzzy (humanities) for a year!]
-Insurance Application: It's mandatory to join the National Health Insurance in Japan [Kokumin Kenko hoken]. There's also an optional Non-Japanese Student Accident Insurance [Ryugakusei Sogo Hoken offered by the Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd.] that costs 6,000 yen for the year.
-Random Forms: University Master Record & Personal Data Sheet (It asks for yet another photograph...I've used like... 17 of these on forms already. I'm running of of pics!) Advisee Card (and another photograph on this one too...)
-And a Campus Map! ooh! It seems like there's many trees on campus. Can you imagine the poor guy who had to draw in all those trees? Most maps just put one type of tree in. But they have five different types of trees on this map. I wonder if those trees are actually in those locations. That would be interesting. "On a spacious campus of some 620,000 sq meters in...ICU has academic facilities, faculty, and staff residences, dormitories, and sports facilities, surrounded by the rich green expanse of the Musashino Plains.: It does seem quite pretty.

The NIH [National Health Insurance] seems nice. For those that are age 3-69, you only pay 30% of your total expenses. Also, I get a lump-sum childbirth allowance if I have a child, or a funeral allowance if I die. For overseas student (me!) I can get an 80% rebate on medical treatment covered by NIH paid for by AIEJ (Association for International Education, Japan) through ICU. That's a nice perk.

So total insurance coverage options are:
-NIH (Japan) - normal
-Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. - accidents
-AIG (UC EAP study abroad Required) - accidents
-Blue Cross (parental insurance) - normal
-SHIP (UC student) - normal
-Farmer's Life Insurance - in case something causes me to leave this world

That's a lot of insurance. So I doubt I'll be joining all of them. It seems a bit excessive.

Up to now, my only payment is the $450 deposit that was due yesterday, May 10th.
I've attended the country-specific orientation (a couple weeks ago) where I was able to talk to past participants. Their first-hand accounts were ineresting and will be useful. Sadly, I'll be the only UCB student going to ICU. I had hoped that there were more, but I'll survive. Now I'll go facebook stalk the ICU participants from the other UCs. mwahahahhaha.

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Comments (3)

Hi I'm an incoming freshman (starting in fall '07)! I have been thinking about studying abroad as a sophomore. How hard was it for you to apply etc.? Was Japan your first choice? How expensive will it be for you? =)

Posted by Danielle | 2007-05-11

it really should not be too hard. There are many programs abroad that also offer Study Abroad Courses this one focuses on languages.

Posted by frank | 2007-05-18

As a sidenote, I answered the questions in Study Abroad Q&A.

Posted by K. Lee | 2007-05-18

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