May 21, 2007 10:07 AM

The changes at home

I had my last final on the 14th and I returned home on the 15th. There's been many changes since last year.
1) The mailperson is now different. The lady that was there ever since I was a weee lil tot is gone. Postage is up to 41 cents.
2) The Los Altos Garbage Company has new trucks. They have this claw that can go in all 8 directions. It comes forward, reaches out, angles for your garbage bin, clamps down around the sides, moves it up and over the top, and replaces it. How's that for really nifty? The guy doesn't even need to get out of the truck...unless he accidentally tips over the bin. Be careful to not put your bins too close to each other, or he'll have a hard time.

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