May 25, 2007 2:03 PM

UCLA Friends

So right now I am in a dorm room in UCLA. Since Berkeley finished a week or so ago, I decided to come to UCLA to visit a couple high school friends. I spent the night on the floor of my friends' crowded dorm room.

Seeing old friends is an interesting experience. To come back together after such a long separation can be a bit awkward. Sometimes, if you've been separated long enough, you don't know what to say; the common foundation for conversation that was there is gone. Still, it is good to catch up with friends. I mean, we may not be as close now as we were before, but that's alright. Just knowing that they're doing well, that they're thriving, is good. I know people who bemoan this change, who try to hold onto relationships as they knew them. But sometimes, you just have to let things go.

So I basically spent last night watching The Office for the first time (such a wickedly funny show!), and watching people play Smash Bros. Typical college fare. We talked about future careers, about global warming, about changing our world. Again, typical college conversation.

Ah, idealism~ Ah, youth~

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