May 21, 2007 11:39 AM

Yes It Has Been a While...

But none of y'all really missed me did you? So what have I been up to lately? I had my last final on Tuesday and went back from Berkeley on Wednesday. Since then I have been enjoying the absolutely finely mild weather in So Cal. Am I happy? God yes.

The problem with blogging during days of relaxation: relaxing is boring. People don't really want to hear from a blog that keeps on saying stuff like, "Yeah my name is Jonathan and all I did today was play video games and meet with friends or watch korean dramas." What can I say? I'm a quiet type of guy. I don't go to Puerto Rico for vacation and I don't have parties.

But alas, the window on the horizon! Hope holds much for the blog! I am returning to Berkeley in June to resume summer studies ... because you can only relax so much before it turns into work and you need to do real work for once. I will be studying Chinese and Math. Plug your excitement and bear with me!

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