June 17, 2007 8:25 AM


Yesterday afternoon Tom and I drove down to Target to pick up a fan. Saturdays at Target in Albany are CRAZY busy. We parked far away, walked quickly, found the fan section on the second floor next to home improvement. We then looked at all the fans. Tons of fans. So many different kinds of fans. Air-purifying tower fans, window fans, swivel-neck tall fans, high-velocity desk fans, multi-colored children's fans. There was a fan for everyone. Wedged in the corner on the top shelf is where we found a supply of box fans. "Hawaiin breeze 20 in box fan." It happened to be the cheapest fan, at $11.00. Its features: 3 speeds!

We decided on the box fan. We brought it home. It's narrow, white, and fits in our big-ish window nicely. We turned it on. Now we understand why they chose to call it "Hawaiin breeze". Speed 1 is a hurricane. Speed 2 is a tsunami. Speed 3 is... well, make up your own word. I don't quite understand how we managed to get the strongest fan possible for the cheapest price in the store, but hey - we're happy.

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