June 22, 2007 12:03 AM

Freaking out about chem...and the class hasn't even started!

So I am number 46 on the waitlist for Advanced Organic Chemistry (chem 3B). There are at least 150 others on the waitlist along with me. What's odd is that there is enough room in the lecture itself but no rooms in the lab. If I don't get into Chem 3B for the fall semester it's going to completely throw off my entire schedule. The only way this will work is if 46 people magically dropped out of the highly demanded chem 3B before August...or on the more realistic side, the chem department opens up a few more lab sections before the fall semester begins. Let's just hope option 2 happens so I can avoid starting my 2nd year completely stressed out! Pray for me...and if you find out anything about chem 3B let me know!

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Comments (1)

They will open more labs. They opened another lab for Chem 3A last summer. I'll be in 3B with you - what fun! (er - or not)

Posted by Tina | 2007-06-22

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