June 3, 2007 5:37 PM

Summer languor

Summertime sure is relaxing. No classes to go to, no homework to do, no finals to study for. I've been on summer break for about 2 weeks now, but it feels almost like it's been longer. No academic obligations...ah...

I noticed that I've been getting a lot of sleep these days. I would go to sleep around 12, and wake up at 10. That's 10 hours of sleep! During the school year I would function well with only 7 hours. I wonder why I'm getting so much now? My dad said that it's because I'm back home and don't have many worries, so I've been able to sleep longer. I wish I didn't, though; I've actually felt more sleepy now than I did during school.

In any case, I'm trying to find ways to put my summer time to good use. I especially want to exercise more. Got to go out and run!

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