June 29, 2007 5:47 PM

The Greatness of Summer

Not a lot of developments over the summer. Usually you hang out with friends, go to class, do homework and hang out with friends. Rinse and repeat, dry and erase, cut and dry, cut and run? Err, enough with the weird phrases.

Interesting thing about living in the dorms. I went to costco recently and bought a gazebo's worth of canned food. Unfortunately I had no can opener. I thought this was a no problem until I went to the nearest Wal-Greens and tried to purchase a can opener for myself. There was none. I went to many stores since then and have yet to find a single can opener. I was not unpissed. I had to have my can opener mailed in from home. Doesn't that very idea kind of makes you laugh? I had my can opener sent in from Anaheim, it's as if the can opener was some sort of mystical savior device that can feed and redeem you in a single twist. Which of course that it is.

I am taking Chinese 1 which is essentially a 10 week accelerated language course. It's the best one of its type in the world. I cannot think of any other university that offers a one year course in two and a half months. Harvard don't do that and Yale don't do that and Stanford ESPECIALLY don't do that. Nuh uh!

My classmates hail from far and wide. There's a guy from Tufts and a guy from Upenn and a guy from Stanford. Gotta admire the mixing pot. Give the mixing pot props.

I got a trillion stories to tell (most of them highly illegal) but I'm going to have to leave you with just the infamous Can Opener one only. Ha! Keep checking the blogs, mistah!

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Comments (1)

Goodness! The elusive can-opener! What a pain. That course has got to be insane. I hope that you're having a blast.

Posted by tina | 2007-07-03

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