June 28, 2007 2:57 PM

Viva Las Vegas

So I just got back from Vegas...and I must say that I loooooove the bay's cool foggy weather. Yes it was nice to be in 110 degree weather for about five minutes, but that’s about my tolerance. It was my third official mini vacation of the summer. I rode around Lake Tahoe (yes the whole lake) right after school was out, and then I went to Palm Springs. I love having 4 day weekends (thanks work!). But so yah Vegas was fun I went to go visit my boyfriend’s family. I didn't really do anything exciting except over eat at buffets and climb (indoors, it was way too hot out)..so to my point.

There is so much wasted energy and resources in that town. Woah..yah how cool you call see the light in space from the pyramid, but I think I care more about penguins and polar bears. And talk about lawns....who in their right mind would waste water (& money) on watering a lawn in a desert. So yes I enjoyed my trip but all it did was remind me of how enjoyment for apparently a lot of people is staring at computer screens wasting money. It sort of makes you come to the realization of what some Americans choose to spend their money and free time on. I'm not trying to say or condemn anyone for going to Vegas is a bad thing. It's just maybe not for me..except for red rocks..which has amazing climbing! All in all, it was a good time, it was nice to meet my boyfriend's family and watch baby videos, but I doubt I'll be heading back to gamble my life away anytime soon.

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Comments (1)

Hmmmmmm staring at a computer screen... I'd better run and do something productive with my day ;) It's great to see someone else is weirded out by all of the green lawns in Vegas.

Posted by Tina | 2007-06-29

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