July 14, 2007 9:07 PM

A Little Nostalgia

A little while ago, I went out into the hall to brush my teeth. My room is at one end of the hall and as I went to the bathroom, I notice this little girl sitting at the other end curled up clutching her knees and tucking her head in between them both. A little white phone cord snaked out the door and I realized that she was crying while talking on the phone. I wondered what the deuce was happening but then went in and successfully cleaned up my teeth. As I left the door I realized that she was definitely crying. Was it really my business to go over there and try and help? I've talked to this girl before and she was a Korean international student, her english not the best. If I go over there and help when help wasn't really needed .... awkward turtle!

I went back in and got a box of tissues. Then I walked back down the hallway, put them on the ground and gently pushed them in her direction. She grabbed 5 at a time (God! Be economical!) and then honkily snorted in them while large, thick reams of Korean language peeled into the receiver.

Now I don't know a lick of Korean other than that immortal line from that movie that every Asian girl has ever watched, My Sassy Girl ("Chugule?") and that line wasn't really appropriate to use in that context. (It means do you want to die?") So what could I do? I just let her keep using my tissues and stood there, watching her. It reminded me of the time when I first came out here to Berkeley and I saw my dad drive away at the McDonalds. I couldn't stop crying then too and I walked back through campus in tears.

I had nobody then. I didn't want that girl to go through the same.

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Comments (1)

Awwwwwwww that's so incredibly sweet. I'm glad that you were there for her.

Posted by Tina | 2007-07-14

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