July 30, 2007 9:40 AM

Alcohol & Sexual Harrassment

Before entering Berkeley, you'll get an online alcohol knowledge seminar and a mini test. While I'd love tell you to take it seriously, it is hard to take that 3 hr long seminar seriously. I was reading/surfing the internet while the powerpoint was running. Click click click. Use the info for your safety. There is a lot of alcohol available all over campus and off of campus. Drink safely, and wisely. I would rather say, don't drink, but I know that it isn't reasonable for all people. Always go with a buddy, and leave with your buddy. If your buddy doesn't want to leave the party, get someone else to watch over your buddy, then call bearwalk and have them walk you home. Bearwalk is a free service. You call the number, and a person in a bright yellow suit comes to pick you up. There are dark blue suited people too, so if you don't want to walk next to a bumblebee, you can request a non-bumblebee. ;)
As far as sexual harassment... people don't think that you're as funny as you think when you are drunk. They're laughing out of awkwardness. Don't do it.
If you get sexually harassed, report it. Don't just be like, "Oh, it's okay, I don't want to make a fuss." People that sexually harass rarely stop. They just move onto the next victim. Don't let there be anymore victims. Even if the school can't do enough on the first report, they will be able to if a few report it. So, report it! http://ccac.berkeley.edu/ It's nice that UC Berkeley is pretty on top of things and actually cares. So, don't be scared to report it. We're at Berkeley so that we'll make a difference in the world. Blending in and becoming like grass for people to step on isn't really a way to make a stand in the world.

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