July 4, 2007 3:24 PM

Arriving in Japan

I'm now in Japan. I left on the 3rd, arrived on the 4th, slept overnight at my cousin's church place, and in a few hours I will be heading to ICU. We took the Keisai Skyliner from Narita airport to Ueno before traveling by taxi. The taxi service was interesting as you press a button and a taxi comes zipping around the corner. I was a bit confused about the seatbelt usage though. The driver didn't put on his seatbelt until 6 minutes into the ride. In the backseat, there was a sign that said to please wear your seatbelt for safety. However, there weren't belt locks for the window seats. I suppose safety is optional.
I didn't have a problem withdrawing money with my Citibank atm card at a Citibank machine. I had an exchange rate of 122.2 which isn't the best since its been at 123 these few days. I can always withdraw later I suppose. I didn't get hit by a transaction fee nor exchange fee which was nice.
At my cousin's place, her roommates made us some nice cold soba and salad. The salad consisted of white turnips instead of the lettuce that we're use to. The sauces were light but delicious. Much better than the ranch but not as sweet was the poppy seed dressings.
Temperature wise it is hot and humid though its said that it doesn't get really hot until August. I suppose that's reassuring? It was a bit rainy yesterday and the skies are gray. Ahh.
I met the burnable vs. non burnable trash today. Paper = burnable. Plastic = non burnable. Except there's a PET plastic that is burnable. What is PET? I'll have to figure that out some other time.
Research. One of the professors from ICU replied to my e-mail regarding research. He seemed very open and welcoming. He told me to drop by his office when I get to ICU. =) I'm not sure if I'll drop by during the summer or wait until the normal school year. We'll see.
Internet will be spotty for a while. Until next time.

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