July 5, 2007 4:26 PM


Hey! This is Casey. CalSo for me, was about two weeks ago. It was definitely very exciting. The campus is soo huge and hilly. When I first got there, everything was very organized and welcoming. Very surprised, since I've heard all these crazy rumors about how Berkeley students are competitive and won't help anyone. My counselor, Joanna, was very very nice. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. The things that I enjoyed most about CalSo were the chants, the food.yuuuummm, and the bench. The bench, i don't know what it's called, but the one where you can talk into the stone and hear the other person from the other side of the bench!! Very cool. Even the weather was warm and cheerful!!! Sooo weird. One downside was the dorm-Unit 3. The rooms are so small and not enough closet space. Maybe all the dorms are like that?? Oyea.. i forgot my toothpaste so i couldn't even brush my teeth.. ehh. k. Tell me your experience at CalSo too or reply about anything. TTYL.

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All the dorms are a bit on the short side. That's why they are called dorms! As my father likes to say, It's a learning experience. You are going to build character. I never heard of this bench. What is it? My CalSo experience wasn't that great. The chants and gassy food did not hit it off with me. Berkeley students are nice. Except this one. Mu-ha-ha! Just kidding.

Posted by Jonathan | 2007-07-05

That bench is called 'Whispering bench' ^_^

Posted by T | 2007-08-03

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