July 5, 2007 6:39 AM

Day One - Japan - ILP

I hopped on the train to Mitaka and took a taxi to ICU. If you're considering ICU, take the taxi if you're coming with luggage. It makes life so much better to not have to lug luggage around. Everyone who's living on campus stays at the Global House for the summer. It's 4 little rooms set around a sort of living room. There's a washer, shower, bathroom, mini kitchen, fridge, etc. in the suite. It's lovely! Each room has a personal balcony. It overhangs to lovely greenery.
I went out today to get my Alien Registration, Certificate, National Health Insurance, and cellphone. You need the Alien Registration to get the certificate and the certificate to get the NHI and cellphone. They make copies for you at the place for free, so you don't need to bring your own copies of stuff. If you don't have pictures already, there is a kiosk at the City Hall where you can get them taken. By bus 01 from ICU, its a 10 min bus ride. At first, I took the

bus in the wrong direction, but thankfully I figured it out in time. heh.
In the evening, there was a dorm orientation. After, we went out walking to the "nearby" grocery, market, and convenience store. "Nearby" because it was quite a bit of a walk. The guides recommended that we buy bikes for ease. I think I may.
Then, tomorrow morning at 9:10 there is a three hour placement test. Then there's a UC student orientation. Finally, there's the library tour. Actually, library tour then orientation. Ah, but I digress. I better go review some before I sleep. It'll be a long day.

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