July 6, 2007 1:20 AM

Day Two - Japan - ILP

Die mosquitoes. DIE!
I just got these two mosquitoes while walking through the foyer of the Global House, the dorm I'm living in. Yesterday, while walking I got 5 insects bites. I'm fully covered in long sleeves, long pants, sneakers, socks, etc. Yet these mosquitoes still find my skin in the tiny exposed crevices when I'm walking!
I took the three hour placement exam this morning. It was quite grueling. Even with the review I've been doing, I've realized that I don't have much listening nor speaking experience. I have reading and writing, but aural listening and speaking are simply...impossible at this time. I hope to become decent and be able to carry on a conversation by the end of this summer. Dream high, reach high.
Orientation. While the other, non-UC, participants of the summer program got a school tour, the UC students had Orientation number one. We learned about safety, the law, and safety. Follow the rules and you'll be okay. Don't follow them and.... good luck.
At the end of the orientation, we received our housing placements for the fall. I got into my first

choice, Women's Dormitory #1. It's the closet to campus and to the cafeteria. Being a late riser, you can see why this was my first choice. Unfortunately, seven of the UC ICU students did not get into on campus housing for the fall. They'll have to make their own arrangements.
Enclosed in the decision envelope was a questionnaire for room assignments. It's great that I can just e-mail it to the dorm head.
Dining Commons. The cafeteria is superb. It's simple fare but there is much variety. It's buy what you eat. The lady counting doesn't use a computer. She sees what you have an instantaneously tells you how much it costs. Amazing.
I've been enjoying it here. Life is good except for the mosquitoes, and its a nice break from academic rush. Until next time.

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