July 19, 2007 9:25 AM

Lake Tahoe

Yes...another vacation for me this summer. Way different than Las Vegas! I think Tahoe has to be one of my favorite places to visit. I love how much there is to do there. You can swim, kayak, hike, bike, climb, and eat at the dam cafe (the BEST little cafe with coffee/pasteries/food). All of which I managed to do in four days. If you haven't been to Tahoe in the summer, it's a must. I think I'm probably the only person who enjoys it more when there's not snow there. The bouldering in Tahoe is awesome, a lot of high problems though. The Mt Rose hike is definately worth the huge elevation hike and is a great one day adventure.

It's long so bring food, lots of water, and if you're tired when you get the the meadow, you might want to call it a day beacuse it only gets worse. Some other places to visit are Emerald Bay, which is goregous. The Eagle lake hike near Emerald Bay is great too, I've done it a few times. You can get some great views from only going up to the Lake there. This hike is less strenous than Mt Rose, you can do a half hike up to the lake itself or continue up to the top and run into the Pacfic Rim Trail. Also once a month Squaw Valley runs there tram at night and there is a telescope for to look at the stars which is really nice too, there website has all sorts of events posted for the summer, so check it out. I will admit that I have only been camping in Tahoe a few times. I am spoiled in the regards that all of my dads friends own cabins in the Truckee area. This I believe is actually better than having my dad own one because I don't have to hear my dad complain about how expensive property taxes are, or how expensive houses are in general. Back to my point Tahoe is really nice for camping as well because in the summer the weather is usually 80's sometimes 90's in the day but 40's at night. So it never gets unbearbly hot or cold. Do be careful of bears. Yes I had my first REALLY close and personal experiance with a mama bear and two cubs here last September. Bering 20 feet away from a bear is the most wonderful/scary thing EVER. At first you're like, hmm I have to get a picture and then it's like holy **** there's a huge bear that could eat me for lunch. I think that experiance is a once in a life, hope it never happens again kinda thing but glad it did and I made it out alive. So yes, if you leave food in your car camping, it will get destroyed. My old Bio teacher brought in pictures of her car, after she left some honey nut cheerios in it while backpacking in tahoe. Visit Tahoe if you have time, it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive without snow from the bay area. I definately think everyone should go there once.

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