July 21, 2007 9:54 PM

My Clash With Death Leaves Us Both Walking Funny

The Earthquake two nights ago was indeed a harrowing experience. I was awake at the time, having been awoken by a terrible dream of a B+ in Chinese 1, when suddenly the ground began to shake. There was no rumble, which is always the weirdest part. In the movies there is a rumble. In real life there is not. Hollywood needs to fix that. When I become the next Steven Spielberg, I'll fix that and give my heroes proper movie physics. Did you know that if Spiderman was real, he wouldn't be able to go around a building cause he'll be emaciated from all that webbing?!

Anyways, the earthquake shook my building a bit and I thought the whole thing was going to go down like a stale piece of bread on a football field. The building I am in does not lend itself to confidence in the seismology department. I swear it has to be around 50 years old. Oh the wonders of living in a public institution. Great prices ... public bathrooms.

- My sister yesterday asked me who was this Harry Potter fellow she kept hearing about on the media and why he is so deathly hollow. I could not stop laughing.

- I have a friend who wants to go into the new Stanley Biosciences building and be the first to pee in the urinals. On Friday, I beat him to it. Muhaha!

- My good friend Elizabeth texted me before a test going, I can has cheezburger?! I thought about it during the test and started laughing.

Moral: College is fun when you know where the fun is.

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Comments (1)

heheh. cheezburger.

Posted by Tina | 2007-07-23

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