July 11, 2007 9:22 AM

Ridiculous Customer

Working at Sears as a cashier would seem like an easy, no- brainer job. Hah. Think again. I actually learned many skills there. For instance, learning how to fold clothes or dealing with difficult customers who want to return items that are pass the 90 day limit. Like this customer. Geez. She and her husband come in. I smile and greet them. When I look down, I see a toy that has been somewhat neatly placed back in its container, but the container was wrapped with clear tape, like attacked with tape more so. So, the lady asks, " I need to make a return, please. " Okay, so as I'm doing the return, the computer replied back as "invalid" I look down at the receipt and the DATE SAYS 01/13/04.!!!!!!!! I mean, c'mon. This is like three years old!!!!!!,. NOT only that, it's a toy!! It's probably cus her kid decided that he doesn't like the toy anymore and the mom wants her money back. I mean, you could put it up for a garage sale or send it to a place where the less fortunate kids can play with it. I kindly tell her about our Sears policy and she says," Well, I can't believe u aren't going to help me. I am never coming back." Whatever. But what I learned there was valuable, i mean, i kept my own opinions to myself and didn't even yell at her own mistake. Bye.

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Comments (1)

Goodness! Well, I'm glad that you handled it so well.

Posted by Tina | 2007-07-12

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