July 18, 2007 12:55 PM

Summer is amazing!

Too many adventures not enough time to chronicle them all. In recent memory I've been to the Fire Arts Festival at the Crucible in Oakland. Its unlike anything else I've ever been to, imagine a micro-burning/mad max kind of vibe with 45 foot tall flaming robots and a "fire-opera" rendition of Homer's The Odyssey.

They had some really astounding stuff there; maybe you've heard of the grease-nerd phenomenon called Dance Dance Revolution? At the Fire Arts Festival they had something at the Fire Arts Festival called DDI - Dance Dance Immolation! It works just like Dance Dance Revolution only the players wear asbestos suits and are shot in the face with flamethrowers when they screw up! It looks like this: click me for nerds on fire.

I had an amazing time just learning about the crucible itself having once myself been keenly interested in learning how to weld. Basically The Crucible is a co-operative non-profit group of artists that teach metal work and pyrotechnic arts to interested parties. I want to take these courses and sometimes I feel like I need to take these courses and that is why they are dangerous!

Check it out:

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