July 19, 2007 2:52 AM

Halfway Through!

Tarragona has turned out to be a beautiful place. It is the site of a lot
of Roman history including aqueducts called Pont del Diable similar to Pont du Gard, except for
the fact that the one in Tarragona was built more for aesthetic purposes
and is a little better preserved, allowing for people to walk along the top
of the aqueduct. We have visited Barcelona, monasteries, mosques, and can
simply walk a few blocks to the beach, The Mediterranean Sea!

It is a little funny that in such a beautiful place, we continue to talk
about the the U.N, insurrection, violence, minorities within minorities,
and the colonality of power, all of which complements the program. Spanish lfe in general has proven to be very interesting. In the U.S. it is so easy to get caught up, wrapped up, and completely swamped with the everyday things that just need to be done. Here life is a little more slow paced. People take advantage of siestas, little cafes and cervecerias stay open until the wee hours of the morning, and free performances are offered throughout the week on the streets and allyways of Tarragona. Last week we watched a "circus," complete with improv, juggling, and fire-tossing/breathing/juggling men. Yesterday we watched "arte visual" which was a little like modern art in the form of film.

I am enjoying my stay so far in Spain and am excited to see what adventures the next few weeks will bring!

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Comments (2)

Sounds fantastic!

Posted by Tina | 2007-07-19

i love you n miss you dearly, hun! have a fantabulous rest of your trip!!!!

Posted by jane | 2007-07-29

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