July 5, 2007 10:01 PM

The Late Night at Google

I have a friend who's friend interns at Google. God knows how she got it. God also knows that I am jealous as hell. Anyway, my friend (the first one) was invited to go and have dinner at the Holy GooglePlex and she got onto the bus so she can get to the BART. On the way she decided to call me. The BART leaves at 5:17. She calls me at 5:03. I live at Unit 2.

"Hi Jonathan."
"Hi. What's up?"
"I'm headed to Google. Wanna come?"
"Okay, meet me at the BART at 5:13."
"Wait a second. It's 5:03. Should I take the bus?"
"I'm already on the bus."

This was as the movies call it, an "oh-god-no" moment. I threw on some clothes, rushed down the elevator and somehow managed to run to the BART from Unit 2 in 9 minutes. If you are even slightly familiar with the Berkeley campus, I know you are applauding right now. Carl Lewis couldn't have made it any better.

Google was great. No words to mash about. It feels just like another Berkeley - alot of casual wear and a lot of relaxed environments. Gotta love it. Gotta want to go there. I liked especially how my friend's friend's friend kept saying stuff like, "yeah these people are all really nerdy" and "Look, these are people who were beat up in their high school." Gotta love how the green eyed monster makes her appearance.

Oh by the way, the huge numbers of elementary kids are a bit on the short side for me. Considering what they feed these kids nowadays, and my own puny size. I am waiting for the day they will swarm me in a back alley and take all my food/money/possessions. Kids in packs are dangerous, yo!

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Comments (1)

Haha. You are very funny. Would u want to work at Google someday? Wait, so elementary school kids were there too? Summer camp thing? O yea... and about the bench thing.. i don't know what it's called, but it's next to the Camponelli(if i spelt that correctly)..near the "under construction" sign.CHeck it out sometime.

Posted by casey | 2007-07-06

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